1. Temperature and humidity display and control function, audio and visual alarm
  2. Optimize the airpath design, the temperature uniformity of the box is 2 degrees centigrade
  3. Humidity in the box is controlled at 35% - 75%, equipped with humidification and dehumidification system.
  4. Compressor fan equipped with damping cotton, environmental refrigerants, low noise, LED lighting design, easy to observe.
  5. Can adjust height dip plastic rack, casters design, including two casters brake function, easy to move and fixed.
  6. Temperature and humidity automatic recording and storage function, data can be exported and saved through the USB interface of cabinet.


Structure characteristics:

  1.  Screen printing process, never fall off, the overall aluminum alloy liner, easy to clean.
  2. Glass doorframe adopts ABS engineering plastics and wears door lock.
  3. Refrigeration unit is set at the top or bottom, compact structure, small footprint, large volume.
  4. The evaporator is immersed in aluminum and will never rust.
  5. Cabinets are made of aluminum peroxide, if not aluminum cabinets will exist the following problems: color changes during use (especially if the power is interrupted it will became black immediately); aluminum plate surface has a layer of oil, will cause the liner and foaming body can not be fused will be separated, seriously effect the cabinet insulation effect and service life; have peculiar smell, will cause pollution and damage to the stored drugs!

Optional accessories:

  1. Drawer type shelving can be pushed and pulled, and storage items are more convenient.
  2. Can add SMS alarm and cloud data management function, mobile phone computer can real-time view data, print function can be realized.

Note: the company pays attention to product quality improvement, the specific parameters of the product should be based on the nameplate of the product.

 ◌This product can connect the intelligent cloud temperature and humidity monitoring platform system.


Additional Information

SKU FL1300
Hardjocentral SKU HC857FL1300
Specs Short Power 310 Watt
Specs Volume: 1300 Liter Temperature: 2 - 8 ◦C Voltage: 220/50Hz. Power: 310 Watt Outher size: 620*1800*1900 Inner size: 500*1716*1460 Weight: 155Kg.
Brand Yiran
Orderable Status Request For Quotation (RFQ)
Country of Origin China
Country of Stock China
Product Certificate CCC, CNAS, CE
Product Type non-Stailess Steel

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