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Hardjo Central b.v. is a trading company with a clear and own developed vision out of extracted ideas from modern spirit in international business. We support manufacturers, growers, exporter to open markets for its products on the other side of this earth. We are not only eager buy and sell selected products or to promote, intermediate and encourage best deals, but we are also focused building out net-works, profitable relationships and even friendships.

We work as an independent sales- & purchasing agency with signed up accounts.
Related accounts to our strategic chosen product portfolio within the industries of Technology, Commodities, Healthcare and Green Industrial.

Technology – products and accessories grouped around consumer electronics, data carriers, multimedia, mobile- communication, home surveillance and information technology.

Commodities – agriculture commodities mainly grown- and produced in Vietnam and alternatively from other ASEAN member countries with a variety from coffee & tea, rice, cane sugar, salt, red chili, pepper beans, dry garlic, palm oil and other edible oils & fats, cashew nuts, herbs and much more.

Healthcare – with healthcare products we support markets for Physiotherapy with muscle treatment devices for sport injuries and horse sports. Works on the principle of cooling- and warming through metal alloy.
Products for mouth treatment by Hydration dental floss and also Hemp extracted CBD oils produced with CO² for significant improvements after several healthcare complaints.

Green Industrial – Products in the field of renewable energy or energy saving such as LED lighting for outdoor- and indoor, Solar panels, Inverters and mounting systems for its installations.

Our mission:

Hardjo Central b.v., a young ambitious trading company, contributes proven pro-active sales acquisition or purchase generating revenues, saving cost and development of business and contacts for our customers. This agency job we do on our own risk and account. With other words; “No cure no pay”.
Brand awareness, the implementation of ordering, logistic & customs handling, invoicing and A/R are for suppliers and buyers risk and account.
Our added value is being supported by this online Business to Business environment you are watching now. Designed on our own and combined with constant improvement and customers feedback. Of course with modern communications and personal representations on trade fairs, delegations and company visits.

Currently our working area is EMEA and the APAC region with coverage of East Asia & Southeast Asia. But we target to cover more regions in the coming years.

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